Storage & handling

We take care of everything

We take care of the reception, management, storage, repackaging and dispatch of your parcels, pallets or other items to be transported to your customers, suppliers, events, etc.

We have 2000m² of temperate and secure storage allowing us to offer a complete logistics service.

Trolleys, hand trucks, electric hand trucks, pallet trucks (short, normal, long), electric pallet trucks, forklifts...

All necessary handling equipment

We provide our customers and our team with a complete range of tools to facilitate and improve various manipulations.

Both for the comfort of our staff and to limit the risks associated with handling, we maintain and continue to invest in this essential equipment.

Did you say fragile?

We also take care of the most fragile shipments such as artwork, sets and pieces for events, furniture, professional sound/light and video equipment, etc.

Once again we will use the means and take the necessary precautions to get your material to its destination.

We also offer, on request, additional insurance to insure your equipment.