Terms and conditions

Each consignment must be accompanied by a transport document (waybill) drawn up by the consignor. The carrier shall not be held liable for any delay due to missing or erroneous information on the document. If a shipment cannot be delivered (refusal, change of address, etc.), the sender undertakes to pay all transport costs, customs, taxes, etc., as well as the cost of the goods. All our shipments are carriage paid, unless previously agreed by the carrier, in which case the transport and other costs will be claimed in cash from the recipient. The carrier will have to deliver the goods in the state they were in at the time of pick-up. He will not be responsible for damage to unpacked or inadequately packed goods. The same applies to fragile and vulnerable goods, or those that cannot withstand normal transport. Go Fast Logistics srl will only accept the transport of risky goods (jewellery, coins, antiques, securities, etc.) under the full responsibility of the sender. Shipments of documents are insured up to 50 euros. Shipments other than documents are insured according to the value at the time of shipment, i.e. the wholesale price excluding VAT. The carrier’s liability is in any case limited to 10 euros per kilo with a maximum of 150 euros. In case of grouping of several parcels on the same waybill, these will be considered as a single shipment. Higher values can be insured separately through the carrier. In this case, a written request from the sender stating the total value of the shipment to be insured must be attached to the waybill. Pick-up and delivery are only made on the ground floor, at the entrance or exit of the building whose address is mentioned on the waybill. Any additional handling or abnormal waiting will be charged at the rates in force at the time of shipment, with a minimum of one hour, any hour started will be due. The carrier cannot be held responsible for delays or damage due to force majeure (natural phenomena, serious accident, terrorist act, etc.).

Go Fast Logistics srl cannot be held responsible for any direct damage resulting from any loss, delay or damage. Any claim, in order to be admissible, must be made by registered letter within seven days from the date of shipment. In case of disagreement, only the courts of the district of Nivelles will be competent.

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